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around. Carrera explains that their daughters are both still virgins, miraculously enough. When Sofie comes over to visit, she finds herself locking eyes in the kitchen with. She is aka Eleinor, Elionor, Laura Del Colle, Nicky, Elinor, Jessica, Lolita, Lucy, Nicolette, Nikolette. Carreras special batch of cookies.

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She is so beautiful, he cannot keep his eyes off her. After getting both their cocks sucked in the kitchen, the dads pair off with the other guys daughter, leading them up to the room for some privacy. They absolutely love hanging out together! Her measurements are 36-25-36. Reyes, her dad, shows up, he pulls him aside so they can talk, dad to dad. The girls may be virgins, but they sure do seem to know their way around a good set of cock and balls, riding their best friends daddy like a ferris wheel.


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